There ought to be silence


Terminal Photo Contest by PhotoWerkBerlin


My series “surrounded by nothing but our own imagination” has won 1st prize in the Terminal Contest by PhotoWerkBerlin and will soon be exhibited in Berlin as part of the European Month of Photography!

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we spoke our prayers


all there ever was and all there ever will be is here and now


life on the streets runs like blood through my veins


So have I


past in present


i counted my blessings. I am rich.


the day the fog returned


towards the unknown


where uncertainties became possibilities


softly spoken words


we stood in awe as we entered this world


it’s a strange world


we chased our dreams until we could go no further


where it all began


home away


NebenanSicht … das Leben an sich (LndB / Art Week Berlin)

silentpoems13 Fotokünstler erzählen ihre Geschichten. Sie berichten von alltäglichen Schatten und vom Licht. Von launigen Erinnerungen. Von der Poetik der Abnutzung. Von zwischenmenschlicher Nähe und urbaner Anonymität. Oder einfach von der Ökonomie der Sexualität.

Bildinhalt und Mentalität prallen aufeinander und erzeugen so einen eigenartigen Resonanzraum.

Künstler: Eva Brunner, Michele Caliari, Marion Elias, Camilla Elle, Jeroen Goulooze, Stefanie Hoevermann, Susanne Leibold, Ann Lofy, Lutz Matschke, Stephanie Neumann, Oliver Parzer, Christian Reister, Vera Ruettimann, Irina Tübbecke.

Von: 14. – 22. September 2013
Vernissage: 14. September 2013, 19:00
Öffnungszeiten: Jeweils Samstags und Sonntags von 15.00-19.00 Uhr
07.09.13 The best kept secret of MfG: Sneak Preview: rough-and-ready, down-and-dirty
14.09.13 Lange Nacht der Bilder 20:00 Uhr KIM, Live Band – anschließend DJ master jukeboxer Sergei Kleyn
21.09.2013 Special Art Week Night 18:00 Uhr Künstlerrundgang anschließend Tanzmusik

galerie 22

Bahnhof Berlin-Lichtenberg Weitlingstr. 22 – 10317 Berlin

Experiencing ontological certainty

Oliver Parzer exhibits You Are, a minimal and yet analytic, inquisitive and complex piece. The Berlin-based artist asks the visitor to take an effective part in his installation which functions as a dispositive of sense only through people’s physical engagement.
The visitor is in fact asked to climb a ladder with a stereoscope at the top of it; while looking through the optical device, the viewer sees two different sentences blended in one, You are alive/You are alone. The stereoscope’s lens give a three-dimensional impression for which the two statements are seeing together; moreover, what the viewer actually recognizes is also affected by his own physical arrangement as he might have a dominant eye.
Parzer encourages the visitor to take an active role and to contribute to the artwork’s factual realisation: the viewer needs to face the verticality of the ladder and use the technical prop in order to interpret the installation. While the stereoscope represents a prosthesis device for the human eye and a way to extend the sight, the stair clearly symbolizes the euphoria of vertigo as well as possibilities of risks and dangers.
Are you alive or alone? What do these existential conditions mean? Are they opposite, complementary or synonyms? As in a suspension of judgement, Parzer leaves these questions open to the viewer’s viewpoint.
While alive and alone represent the mutable attributes of our human condition depending on time, perception, feelings and attitudes, You Are is the statement’s kernel, which never changes and rather continuously manifests itself.
You are confirms an unquestionable state of the being; taking action, climbing the ladder, looking through the stereoscope, and making a choice of judgement are all activities which imply an existing and living presence. You Are appears as a matter of fact, an empirical manifestation of ourselves.

Text by Elena Dolcini
Full essay:



I:I:I:I –  featuring Tristan Davies, Nikki Lam, Kimberley Liddle and Oliver Parzer explores the internal and external duration of self, its translucent nature as well as its complexity in relations to our surroundings.

A series of site specific projects, I:I:I:I allows the viewer to interactively delve into each of the artists minds, and interpretations of one’s self.  Oliver Parzer posits that ‘I’ can only be found if you are willing to taking the steps to embrace the inherent solitude of human experience. Nikki Lam views the identity of self as framed by the constitution of space, and such identity is realised only through vulnerability and change. Tristan Davies notions that the conception of self exists only in the past, found through nostalgic memories, and momentary thoughts. Kimberley Liddle explores the sense of self in the present. Stripping away all layers of the conscious mind and the external materiality of self, Liddle’s mixed media sculpture portrays the instantaneity of the subconscious. Does ‘I’ exist as asolid definable state, or is the idea of the self an illusion created by a constant flux of moments and events?

I:I:I:I takes us on a fascinating journey and challenges our own understanding of the concept of “self”, along with challenging the mainstream execution of mixed media projects.

Opening Night: Friday 9 August 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: 9 August – 23 August 2013

Off the Kerb Gallery, 66B Johnston St, Collingwood, 3066 Australia

silent poems



Ausstellung “Wessen Sehnsucht” im Rahmen des 15. Kunstfestivals 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN

Die Sehnsucht, so partikular wie prägnant und vom eigenen Stand in der Welt gezeichnet, weist über bewusste Vorstellungen hinaus und ist Fixpunkt der eigenen Perspektive.

Die KünstlerInnen bleiben nicht im eigenen Kosmos, sie verweisen auf die Sehnsüchte anderer und imaginierte Sehnsüchte. Doch damit der Blick aus der neuen Perspektive auf die Sehnsucht, weg von der persönlichen und hin zur intersubjektiven Wahrnehmung, gelingt, muss man erst den eigenen Standpunkt erkennen, um ihn verlassen zu können.

Teilnehmende KünstlerInnen:
Balzer und Königer, Francesca La Franca, Oliver Parzer, Danilo Schaffer, Luise Steuckart, Virpi Stjerna, Elisabeth Wirth, Paula Landmann

Vernissage: Freitag, 14. Juni ab 20 Uhr / Ausstellung bis 30. Juni 2013
ORi, Friedelstr. 8, 12047 Berlin

Artconnect Berlin / Ikono.Tv: Video Spotlight 2013 Series #2

Read the interview on artconnect berlin’s blog:

all that seemed lost suddenly lay bare before my eyes


fading memories